About Us

Lyndale Marketing Inc. was founded in 1996 as a marketing company focusing on providing or finding services and products for business promotions.


Over the years Lyndale Marketing has become an umbrella under which alliances gather to help companies produce any printed product that they may need. Services range from graphic design; such as developing a new corporate logo, to promoting that new logo on literature and products. Lyndale may assist in such areas as the initial development of "Specialty" programs to the production of any printed product that your company may need.


Our associates are graphic designers, programmers, sales and marketing specialists, as well as a number of worldwide contacts for product production and development.


“The Wickey Wowser Company” was developed as part of Lyndale, to put a collective name on all of those specialty items used to promote your business or personal venture.


Where do I go?
What do I use?
What can I expect?
How do I proceed?

The answers are found at Lyndale Marketing, Inc.




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